Samsung 860 EVO 250GB M.2 SSD

Tuotenumero: 975801 / Valm. tuote: MZ-N6E250BW

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Samsung V-NAND SSD 860 EVO M.2

The Samsung SSD 860 EVO Series is the newest of Samsung’s Client-PC SATA SSDs, specially designed for mainstream desktops and laptops. Building on the reputation of the Samsung SSD 850 EVO, the world’s first line of consumer SSDs with V-NAND 3bit MLC technology, the new Samsung SSD 860 EVO drives achieve industry-leading performance for SATA SSDs, offering improvements in speed, reliability, compatibility and capacity. The 860 EVO comes equipped with Samsung’s newly designed MJX controller along with the latest V-NAND architecture.

Enhanced Computing Experiences

The legacy Serial-ATA (SATA) interface faces the theoretical bandwidth limitation of 600MB/s which many SSD manufacturers have tried to reach over the years. Among them, Samsung, which first brought V-NAND technology to the market, continuously strives to improve product reliability and performance, even with the SATA interface limitations. Powered by Samsung’s latest V-NAND technology, the 860 EVO delivers top-notch sequential read (up to 550 MB/s) and write (up to 520 MB/s) speeds and along with high sustainable performance for everyday computing experiences.

As the amount of data processing continuously increases, the need for faster data transfers and sustainable high performance over longer periods of time has become paramount in importance for users. To address these needs, Samsung has introduced Intelligent TurboWrite technology. With this, the 860 EVO M.2 provides significantly accelerated write performance which is up to 6 times longer than that of the 850 EVO M.2. Intelligent TurboWrite automatically decides how much space to allocate to the TurboWrite region in accordance with your system workload. So in a heavy workload situation, the TurboWrite region will expand by up to 6 times versus that of the previous version of TurboWrite, helping to avoid sudden write performance drops which sometimes occur when performing large file transfers and ensuring that consumers enjoy the best write performance for longer than ever.

Worry-Free Reliability

The 860 EVO M.2 offers guaranteed endurance and unmatched reliability, with up to 4 times higher Total Bytes Written (TBW) than the previous 850 EVO M.2 and an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty. Up to 1,200 TB TBW powered by the latest V-NAND technology will give you absolute confidence in your SSD.*
*All documented endurance test results are obtained in compliance with JESD218 standards. Please visit for detailed standard information.

Furthermore, the 860 EVO M.2 assures long-term dependable performance with minimal performance degradation. The 860 EVO M.2 provides up to 51% better sustained performance compared to that of its predecessor. This means you can fully experience the performance of the SSD even with heavy daily workloads.

Expanded Compatibility with a Refined Controller

The 860 EVO delivers expanded system compatibility. The refined ECC algorithm and revamped controller generate strong sustainable performance near SATA’s limits, and the improved queued trim provides for better Linux compatibility. The 860 EVO M.2 is a slim and light SSD specially designed for ultra-thin laptops, mini PCs and even NAS units. The 860 EVO M.2 is most suitable for users who want to save their physical space.*

*The M.2 SSD connector type may vary depending on the interface supported by the motherboard. Please check the specification of your motherboard

Advanced Data Encryption

The 860 EVO provides multiple advanced data encryption features. Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) security technology will help keep data safe at all times. The 860 EVO includes an AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption engine to ensure that your personal files remain secure. Being hardware-based, the encryption engine secures your data without the performance degradation that you may experience with software-based encryption. Also, the 860 EVO is compliant with various advanced security management solutions (TCG Opal and Encrypted Drive-IEEE1667).

Samsung Data Migration and Magician Software

The 860 EVO M.2 comes with Samsung Data Migration Software and Samsung Magician Software, which is easy to install and makes management of you SSD simple.* Samsung Data Migration Software is uncomplicated to use – yet provides a very powerful “Custom Cloning” feature that makes migration effortless even when the source data is greater than the SSD’s capacity. Magician provides personalized firmware checks and additional functions tailored for individual users’ drives. It even updates the firmware automatically to make sure that the drives’ performance stays optimized.

*To download Samsung Data Migration and Magician, please visit

Tehdastakuu (kk) 60
Laitteen tyyppi Puolijohdeasema - sisäinen
Muistin koko 250 GB
Laitteistosalaus Kyllä
Salausalgoritmi AES 256 bittiä
NAND flash-muistityyppi 3D multi-level cell (MLC)
Koko tai muoto M.2 2280
Liitäntä SATA 6Gb/s
Puskurin koko 512 MB
Ominaisuudet Iskunkestävä, TRIM-tuki, Auto Garbage Collection Algorithm, TurboWrite Technology, eDrive, Samsung MJX Controller, 3-bit 3D V-NAND Technology, S.M.A.R.T., AES 256 bittiä, IEEE 1667
Leveys 22.15 mm
Syvyys 80.15 mm
Korkeus 2.38 mm
Paino 8 g
Puolijohdeaseman kestokyky 150 TB
Aseman siirtonopeus 600 MBps (ulkoinen)
Sisäinen tiedonsiirtonopeus 550 MBps (luku) / 520 MBps (kirjoitus)
Maximum 4KB Random Write 88000 IOPS
4KB enimmäissatunnaistoisto 97000 IOPS
Keskimääräinen vikaväli (MTBF) 1,500,000 tuntia
Laajennus & Liitäntä
Liitännät 1 x SATA 6 Gb/s - M.2 Card
Yhteensopiva paikka M.2 2280
Virrankulutus 2.2 watt (keskimäärä)
4 watt (maksimi)
Valmistajan takuu
Huolto ja tuki Rajoitettu takuu - 5 vuotta
Vähimmäiskäyttölämpötila 0 °C
Enimmäiskäyttölämpötila 70 °C
Iskunkestävyys (käytettäessä) 1500 g @ 0,5 ms puolisini